Source: July 18, 1900, The Indiana Democrat
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While excavating for a new building at Walnut Ridge, Ark., workmen unearthed, about 20 feet under ground, in a drift of sand and gravel, a sealed stone cask. The cask when opened revealed a species of maize resembling in some respects the corn of the present day, but a different grain in every particular from any grain at the present time, and being reddish brown in color and somewhat larger in size. The cask contained over a peck of the grain, which will be preserved and replanted.

Near where the cask was found many evidences of a prehistoric race have been unearthed. Several years ago stone jars and vases were revealed and bones of what was once a human being apparently gigantic in size were discovered. Local scientists who have examined the grain declare there is nothing being produced like it in the world at the present time and they account for the preservation under ground for probably 1,000 years or more due to its being closed in the airtight cask